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Exquisite International Holding Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong registered company which was established in Hong Kong on October 8, 2003, based on Company Ordinance Chapter 32.

As an agile, privately owned company, we’re into quality rather than quantity. So rather than employ loads of people in positions of dubious worth, we’ve concentrated on building a tight knit team, collaborating with people who make your life better.

Exquisite international has what it takes to help you develop oversea business and save cost. We believe in the power of fresh thinking and passionate people. We have been providing our customers with many different aspects of international business consulting services. With more than a decade business experiences, we have been expanding our customers in every corner of the world.

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Great Consulting Is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business.

We have been serving for the industries of food and beverage, healthcare, insurances, manufacturing, retail and consumer products, real estate and construction, technology, media, entertainment, transportation,logistics, wholesale and distribution.

We help companies building  their own brand, product line, franchising for success, market entry expansion, grow your business like supply chain efficiency, price control, regulatory compliance and more. We bring practical experiences to develop new strategies for operations, find new suppliers and local solutions. We are here to help, locally and globally.

Easy access, affordability, quality, clients are facing significant disruption to every aspect of their business, let us help you understand and prepare for them.We can be your contact person in Hong Kong, and we also travel to Japan and Mainland China regularly. We’ve never been a typical consulting firm, we put people first and that is what set us apart.

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We can handle any kind of international business consulting including those hands-on daily businesses. Contact us and give us your business details and what we can help you. We can provide you with professional services in hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis.